Low Frequency Noise

Help with low frequency noise

Low Frequency Noise can have a significant impact on people's lives.

Low Frequency Noise is caused by everything from desk fans to power stations.

Sufferers can mitigate the effects of Low Frequency Noise.

Low Frequency Noise Sound Waves

Low Frequency Noise

Low Frequency Noise can be a difficult thing to live with. Because of its often subtle nature, it can affect our lives in unforeseen ways, from disrupting sleep to making us inexplicable irritable or nervous.

Take a look at our background information and advice below to help you deal with low frequency noise.

What is Low Frequency Noise?

Low Frequency Noise, or 'infrasound', is noise which is just below the level of human hearing but which can still have an effect on our physiology...

Causes of Low Frequency Noise/Infrasound

Low Frequency Noise can come from both man-made and natural sources...

The Effects of Low Frequency Noise

Low Frequency Noise sufferers commonly report nausea, headache, disturbed sleep and corresponding fatigue...

The Science behind Low Frequency Noise

Scientists have shown that Low Frequency Noise is capable of causing anxiety, uneasiness, nervousness and other unpleasant experiences in otherwise totally normal people...

Solutions for Low Frequency Noise

Although there is no complete cure for Low Frequency Noise, there are steps that can be taken by sufferers to mitigate how it affects them...